Each regatta season consists of six races.  Each race day will see more than forty heats from young keiki through adults.  The length of the races varies from one quarter mile to one and one half miles, depending on age and experience level.  The final day of regatta racing during the regular season will determine which crews will advance to the state championships.  The state championship races are held on a rotating basis on the islands of Kauai, Oahu and Maui.  Scroll below video for current race schedule.

2023 Schedule:

May 27NiumaluKalapaki Beach
June 10NamolokamaHanalei
June 17Pu'uwaiHanalei
June 24HanaleiHanalei
July 8KoloaHanalei
July 22KOA Island ChampionshipsHanalei
August 5HCRA State ChampionshipsTBD